About Plant Tyre Repairs

Overview of Plant Tyre Puncture Repairs or Replacement


plant tyre mechanic

Stable Tyres are specialists in plant tyre repairs. Committed, efficient and experienced, our technicians utilise skills that have been developed and diligently honed in the tyre industry (in my case, over a decade in the tyre industry). From the initial point-of-contact to the job completion, we aim to provide model customer service: our attention-to-detail, competitive prices and prompt callout-response recommend us as a leading force. Our customer satisfaction rate is high, and we aim to maintain this standard, while continually exploring ways to better the service for you, targeting areas where there is scope for improvement. This is in keeping with our ethos of continual learning and self-development.

  • Yellow Goods

We are proficient at working with yellow goods tyres. We specialise in tyre-repair-jobs on plant and heavy agricultural vehicles/machines. Naturally, safety on site is paramount. We are familiar with and at ease on the building-site environment, being well-versed in and compliant with safety procedure, and adhere to the rules of conduct while on site.

  • Plant Tyre Callout Service

Downtime is detrimental to manufacturing process and can negatively impact on the business overheads and profit, the result of lost production while the process unit is offline. If workers or machines are idle, progress or productivity is affected or a task is delayed. Often machines are interconnected, and if one machine isn’t working, it can affect the entire project. Eliminating downtime stops the project coming to a halt; reducing it saves money. Therefore, it is imperative that any faults are promptly resolved.

Stable Tyres is a mobile plant tyre repair service. After we have agreed a callout I am on site fast, and I work efficiently. This short turnaround time means you are up-and-running again without a time-hemorrhaging interruption, which in turn saves money and needless expense.

  • Plant Tyre Evaluation

We give due care and attention to the tyre repair process. During the evaluation of the tyre condition, we use the right protocols to formulate a diagnosis of the tyre fault. From there, selecting the right course of action for tyre punctures with the best-possible repair technique, using top-quality, robust materials, and tools appropriate to the repair technique. While every effort is made to ensure that the fault is completely resolved, in the unlikely event that the repair has not fixed the presented tyre fault, I will redo the repair free of charge (subject to conditions, and obviously does not apply if the tyre has been subjected to unrelated damage after the repair).

  • Plant Tyre Replacement

Although I will endeavour to fix the tyre, and in the vast majority of cases this is possible, there are occasions when the tyre is beyond any reasonable repair – meaning that it could be deemed unroadworthy or unfit-for-purpose/use after repair. Additionally, where the damage to the tyre is extensive, I would also recommend a replacement if it is more cost-effective for the customer to have a replacement tyre. Over the years I have established good contacts with reliable and trusted suppliers of the major tyre manufacturers, and so I can supply and fit plant tyres that cost less without compromising quality.

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